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CM SepharoseTM Fast Flow DEAE Sepharose Fast Flow Q Sepharose Fast Flow and SP Sepharose Fast Flow are ion exchange chromatography media with excellent flow properties and high capacity for biomolecules The instructions that follow are based upon packing Sepharose Fast Flow ion exchange media in the recommended XK 16 20 Column Nov 07 2018 nbsp 0183 32 1 Dry packing dry filling In this the required quantity of adsorbent is poured as fine dry powder in the column and the solvent is allowed to flow through the column till equilibrium is reached 2 Wet packing wet filling In this the slurry of adsorbent with the mobile phase is Column chromatography in analytical chemistry method for separating mixtures of substances in which a liquid or gaseous solution of the mixture is caused to flow through a tube packed with a finely divided solid which may be coated with an adsorbent liquid or through a long capillary tube bearing a thin film ofProper packing of a chromatography column is done in a way that creates an even and level stationary phase which ensures proper flow without streaking Media may be wet or dry packed Dry packing Dry packing is when dry powdered media is loaded into a column A fast flow rate may cause excess packing of the resin and the backpressure will build causing the tubing and pump to leak and fail At a high rate of flow most peristaltic pumps the kind with a tube stretched around a roller will pulse back Low theoretical plates low pressure fast but poor resolution High pressures slower flow rate high

Impact of column packing on results and efficiency The way that liquid flows through a chromatography column depends on how it is packed A well‑packed bed generates a stable column that offers good resolution An even flow of liquid through the column will generate peaks that are narrow and sharp as shown in Fig 1B Begin the packing procedure by determining the optimal packing flow rate Guidelines are given for determining the optimal pack ing flow rates for columns with adaptors and fixed bed heights 3 3 Determining optimal packing flow rates The optimal packing flow rate is dependent on temperature column size and type media batch and volume Chromatography Volume and Flow Rate Calculator Your tool for column packing process development and scale up calculations Quickly determine column dimensions and easily convert between flow rates linear velocity and residence time Get the recommended compression factor as well as the minimum resin volume required to pack a column easily Column chromatography in chemistry is a chromatography method used to isolate a single chemical compound from a mixture Chromatography is able to separate substances based on differential adsorption of compounds to the adsorbent compounds move through the column at different rates allowing them to be separated into fractions Aug 06 2019 nbsp 0183 32 The strange love hate relationship between flow rate and plate height can be explained by the constants in the van Deemter equation Mainly for lower mobile phase velocities column efficiency is limited by longitudinal diffusion and at higher velocities plate height is limited by the two mass transfer terms

Charge Ion exchange chromatography IEX Hydrophobicity Hydrophobic i nteraction chromatography HIC Reversed phase chromatography RPC Biorecognition ligand specificity Affinity chromatography AC Gel filtration Hydrophobic interaction Ion exchange Affinity Reversed phase Fig 1 Separation principles in chromatography purification Oct 03 2013 nbsp 0183 32 Professor Davis briefly reviews the anatomy of a chromatography column and how packing and loading a column can affect the quality of the subsequent separation High performance liquid chromatography HPLC is a chromatographic technique used where it is becomes highly pressurized The pump is also used to control the flow rate of the mobile phase substance which is typically measured in mL minute The prepared sample is sample to cling to the packing at different timesdue to Abstract It is well known that packing non uniformity may cause peak asymmetry and limit the performance of packed bed chromatographic columns However understanding of the reasons leading to packing non uniformity is still limited Therefore the effect of different column packing methods i e dynamic axial compression DAC flow packing Flow packing – Pack at a flow rate at least 50 greater than the maximum operating flow rate for your chromatography operation with an approximate final packing pressure of 3 bar at the inlet of the column not the inlet of the system This flow should yield a pressure higher than the desired operating pressure for all column steps

Packing of large scale chromatography columns with irregularly shaped glass based resins using a stop flow method Biotechnol Prog Nov Dec 2014 30 6 1319 25 doi 10 1002 btpr 1962 Alternating flow packing and dynamic axial compression resulted in the most homogeneous packing Abstract It is well known that packing non uniformity may cause peak asymmetry and limit the performance of packed bed chromatographic columns It is important to remember that each chromatography column packing method is related to a specific packing solution Changes in packing solution can have a significant impact on the PF and subsequently on the packing results To utilize the full flow potential of MabSelect PrismA AxiChrom columns are recommended Ordering informationGas chromatography GC is a common type of chromatography used in analytical chemistry for separating and analyzing compounds that can be vaporized without decomposition Typical uses of GC include testing the purity of a particular substance or separating the different components of a mixture In preparative chromatography GC can be used to prepare pure compounds from a mixture Column Packing with POROS Chromatography Resin Packing Description Column Diameter cm Packing Buffer Slurry Ratio Initial Packing Flow Rate cm H Final Packing Pressure bar Final Bed Height cm HETP As Flow Pack Axial Compression 40 0 15M NaCl 57

7 chromatography completes the same process except the separations occur in a flow rate linear velocity and temperature of the 26 separation column In HPLC the mobile phase liquid pressure flow rate linear 4 capillary columns or on the inert column packing in packed columns When 5 selecting a column s stationary phase it is A highly selective mixed mode chromatography resin for difficult to purify mAbs ADCs and fusion proteins A unique family of ion exchangers designed for highly productive downstream purification of monoclonal antibodies mAbs and other biomolecules Based on the proven tentacle technology its rigid base beads enable easy packing in designing new systems for liquid or gas chromatography Question A 10 cm x 4 1 mm ID liquid chromatography column packed with 10 micron particles produces a total in pressure of 500 psi between its inlet and outlet when water as the mobile phase at 1 mL min A chromatographer wants to use the same packing materialsChromatography is essential for ensuring the purity and safety of modern biotherapeutic medicines The Sartorius process chromatography portfolio supports multiple purification techniques and formats steps from capture to polishing in both multi use and single use scalable designs chromatography over a wide range of normal operating flow Automated chromatography columns for pilot and process scale 2 Overview Patented pack in place nozzles are used with identical remote controlled three position nozzles at the top and bottom of the column This technology allows packing and routed through all possible flow paths

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